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AGLCC Toastmasters Newsletter
for February 25th 2013

February 25th Meeting Recap

Pics from Feb 25 Happy First Anniversary!

Our Toastmaster for our anniversary meeting was Bettye Orchard and the theme, of course, was "Anniversaries".

Club Vice President - Public Relations Jimmy Flannigan, CC CL delivered an informative educational moment about delivering a championship evalution where it's more important to be entertaining than accurate!

Next, Kevin Wares led the group in an anniversary-themed table topics session. Marc Brewster, CC told us about his parent's 50th anniversary surprise party getting spoiled and then cancelled. Richard Kline described the first movie he ever saw in a movie theatre: Mary Poppins. Amy Cook, when asked what her favorite changes have been in an election year cited our "First Gay President" Barack Obama and the election of the first openly LGBT Senator Tammy Baldwin. Ken White surmised that Daniel Day Lewis deserved the Oscar for Best Actor, even though he hadn't seen the movie Lincoln.

Club members Al Reid, Kevin Davis and Jeff Stensland, CC gave prepared speeches. Al's speech "Take a Chance on Love" (CC #1) told his life story starting from living in the projects in New York, getting teased by his siblings, to moving to Austin with his family in the 80s. Kevin's speech "Reconnecting" (CC #3) encouraged us to add value to our lives by adding value to the lives of our friends. Jeff's speech "Go Tell The World" (Advanced Manual - PR) explained that life is like sports, where no team only plays on gameday. They spend time in the gym getting prepared, and Toastmasters is like that for him.

After the prepared speeches, Bart Loeser, CC led the evaluation team. Ladi Loera confided that sometimes he tries to use the stage and meanders around so much, he can't remember how he got there. Jeff Stoddard, DTM delivered a masterful technical dissection of a speech he felt was very relevant to the audience. Jade Yost, commenting on Jeff's sports metaphor, assured him that while we may not know football, we know (or want) what a redshirt freshman is. In Joseph Gave's WAG evaluation, he noted the common use of "valley girl" 80s slang of "like", "totally", and "literally". Also helping run the meeting were Dick Dunbar as Timer and Amy Cook as Vote Counter.

Awards Congratulations to our winners of the evening, Al Reid for Best Speech, Marc Brewster for Best Table Topic, and Jade Yost for Best Evaluation!

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AGLCC Toastmasters

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