The Handsome Father


PO BOX 153208
Austin, TX 78715

Our Mission: The Handsome Father fosters a community of support to connect, equip and inspire gay fathers and fathers-to-be.

Our Vision: A world where all fathers find a community of support to grow and nurture their families.

We strive to build a community of support, no matter your path to fatherhood: foster care, adoption, surrogacy, biological children from a heterosexual relationship, it really doesn't matter. Dads are dads and we can help those fathers-to-be understand their own unique options for becoming a dad and how to be a great one!

Our Name: Did you know that the word "handsome," by definition means pleasing, dignified, generous, appropriate, fitting, ample, graceful, bountiful, and yes, attractive? We believe fatherhood is handsome in every respect of the word. When someone commits his life to raise a child, and takes the steps a gay man must to create his family, we call that "handsome."

Our Logo: Taking inspiration from the children's book, And Tango Makes Three (one of our favorite books ), we chose a proud father penguin standing protectively over his chick. And to make him even more handsome, he sports a stylish necktie (c'mon, what symbolizes fatherhood more than a necktie?), complete with a nod towards equality for fathers everywhere.