Ellen R Shaffer, CPA, LLC


8606 Collingwood Dr
Austin, TX 78748

 Ellen R Shaffer, MBA, CPA, CISA specializes in Internal Auditing for Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

This entails identification of a Businesses Risks and the Controls in place (or needed) to manage those risks.  A full profile of a Businesses Processes and Procedures will be prepared and analyzed to accomplish this.
Included in the review will be specific Audit Tests that can in some cases identify irregularities in accounting data that may be "red flags" for fraud.
Recommendations will be made for Controls and Reviews which should be put in place to prevent or detect irregularities.
A full Report will be written to summarize Findings and Recommendations.
The satisfaction of the Business Customer is paramount.
My motto is "I'm keepin' 'em honest".

We also have Tax and Bookkeeping practices and will take agressive Tax positions if those will benefit our clients.