American Gateways


314 E. Highland Mall Blvd.
Suite 501
Austin, TX 78752

 Founded in 1987 as the Political Asylum Project of Austin by attorneys and community leaders, today American Gateways is among the most effective and efficient non-profit providers of immigration legal services in the nation . Since that time, we have served people from over 75 different countries by providing life-changing legal representation that our clients could not otherwise afford. Our clients are asylum seekers, victims of human trafficking and violent crimes and those seeking to reunite thier families. American Gateways provides legal services and advocacy to LGBT indivudals who are fleeing violence in their home country due to their sexual orientation and gender identity, and victims of hate crimes and human trafficking here in the US. In addition, American Gateways provides family based immigration repreesentation and services for same sex couples who cannot afford a private attorney and are seeking to obtain lawful permament status for a spouse.