cébé IT & Knowledge Management LLC


7118 Las Ventanas Dr.
Austin, TX 78731-1814

cébé provides customized strategic advice on the use of information technologies for the business, including:

  • Corporate IT Strategy -- IT governance and organization
  • Enterprise Architecture -- roadmap and rationalization
  • Business Process Management -- process modeling and improvement
  • Cloud Computing -- evaluation and adoption of cloud services
  • Knowledge Management -- putting in place the people, processes and technology to identify, capture, retain and share knowledge assets
  • Collaboration -- creating "communities of practice", selecting collaboration tools
  • Enterprise Social Media -- how to use Twitter, Linkedin, etc., for employee and customer loyalty and other business imperatives
  • Software Quality and Process Improvement -- assessing software teams

We leverage 40 years of experience by Claude Baudoin in industry, and we rely on a network of senior partners in other companies to complement our offerings when required. Our motto is "Honesty - Knowledge - Connections": we provide honest advice even when it's not the most popular thing to do, we have deep knowledge of the areas we offer to work on, and we use our extensive network of partners when we need to add competencies we do not fully possess ourselves.