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Five Reasons to Choose BB&T Wealth and Lindsey Leaverton as your Private Advisor:

BB&T (Branch, Banking, and Trust Co.) was founded in North Carolina is 1872 and is the 11th largest bank in the United States and has a long heritage as one of the nation’s most solid and successful financial institutions in the nation. But our Wealth clients know us as something more: world-class advisors who are also deeply rooted in the BB&T culture of personal service and integrity.

What Sets Us Apart?

  1. We can handle complex financial situations. These days, keeping track of your finances can be as challenging as juggling five different remote controls. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a universal remote to bring everything together?

    That’s exactly what our fully integrated approach accomplishes. Your BB&T advisor will leverage our extensive network of resources and capabilities — investments, estate planning, insurance, strategic credit, tax planning and preferred banking services — to create and monitor a custom plan that works in concert with every area of your financial life.
  2. We walk the walk and provide transparency. While others may talk about leading the wealth management process with planning, your BB&T advisor begins, right from Day 1, to assess your needs, structure your plan and assemble the right team of professionals for you with complete objectivity.

    Your advisor will give you a fully transparent explanation of any fees that may be involved in structuring and implementing your financial plan. Above all, your advisor is committed to providing you with the most personalized, comprehensive and impartial plan possible. Impartiality is key to the success of any financial plan, not only as it relates to the integrity of the plan itself, but also in terms of fees. Our recommendations are always made in your best interests.
  3. We see the big picture. BB&T advisors are trained to see your entire financial landscape and to recognize that everything is connected. For example, changes in the tax law may have repercussions that extend well beyond April 15. Your retirement, personal investments, estate planning and other areas may also be affected.
  4. We’re accountable. Your BB&T advisor’s job is to support you with careful attention to your ever-changing needs. Should you and your advisor agree to revise the plan, your advisor will work closely with you to monitor and implement the changes you feel are appropriate.
  5. We value lasting relationships. BB&T Wealth believes that to be worthy of your trust, your advisor must first take the time to get to know you and study your financial picture. We want to provide more than advice — our goal is to champion and guide you through a complex and ever-changing financial world for years to come.

Take the Next Step

Your partnership with a BB&T advisor begins with a confidential conversation. Your advisor will then objectively review each area of your financial life and work with you to create, implement and cultivate your customized financial plan.

About Lindsey Leaverton

Lindsey and her wife live in Austin, TX with their two adopted twin toddlers. Lindsey is on the AGLCC Board and lives every moment to the fullest!

Please email Lindsey at LLEAVERTON@BBANDT.COM